Virtual Carrier Air Wing One's bread and butter generally consists of what we call "pick up" flights, which are standard flights that can be of any type - training, single mission, air-to-air practice, PvP, or any other combination we can think of. We generally have pilots flying on our servers every night, either doing some form of practice, tandem or single training, or just generally getting together and flying whatever or however they like. Anyone can join these flights, including recruits that are going through training - and in fact we encourage recruits to join us in these flights because of the extra practice and training they provide.

These flights are also where members of the community can showcase their own mission building skills. We heavily encourage our pilots to develop missions for the group, and with pick-up flights it is the perfect opportunity for a member to test out a new mission and get feedback on the mission and it's overall design and flow. The more members we have building missions, the more potential for different mission types we have available to us to fly, and it also lessens the workload for the members who develop our scheduled, and particularly our campaign, flights.

While these flights may not be part of a campaign, it's important to note that we still fly them with the same rigor and attention to procedures as we would any campaign flight. Indeed, this is part of the process of training in and of itself - the constant attention to detail and ensuring that one is flying at the top of their skill set as much as possible, regardless of the circumstances.

Our Activity Requirements

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One has only one requirement as far as activity goes - each pilot must fly at least one scheduled flight per week. Scheduled flights are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

If a pilot misses too many scheduled flights, or has not logged a flight in 15 days, their entry in the Flight Log will be flagged (by a yellow background). If they do not complete a scheduled flight (or any standard flight) within the next 15 days they are flagged again, this time in red, and are placed in our Reserve List. Pilots placed in our reserve list must complete at least one scheduled flight to be brought back to Active status. If the pilot does not complete a flight within 15 days of being put on the Reserve List, they will then be marked as inactive and removed from the Wing.

We feel that this is easily attainable, particularly if a member is active and maintains a high level of interactivity within the community.

Concessions for situations outside one's control, such as moving, or family issues, are made when necessary of course - the member simply needs to inform the Administration team of the need for their absence and their expected return date.

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