Everything Virtual Carrier Air Wing One does revolves around flight operations, whether they are ground procedures, tanking procedures, carrier recoveries, etc. - everything we do is based wholly on the F/A-18C Hornet and utilizing it within it's full operational capabitilities within the digital combat space. As with most other Digital Combat Simulator virtual squadrons or wings, most of what we do falls under training, with a great deal of practice and "hands on" learning of new systems and procedures while continually keeping our current skills up to speed at the same time. We put this training to use in general flights where we practice and test these skills in training and non-training situations on a regular basis. Our campaign missions are where all of this is put to the test, with each campaign set up to address specific fictional objectives - which are usually based upon real world events (to use 1988's Operation Praying Mantis as an example).

The following pages provide more specific detail into each element of our flight operations - how we conduct them, and what we do when we're flying them. If you have any questions about our flight operations that are not covered here, please feel free to use our Contact Us page and ask us - we're happy to provide more information.

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