As with any group, either online or in the real world, Virtual Carrier Air Wing One has a guideline of rules and conduct that we expect all members to adhere to and respect. This is to ensure that the Wing is a place where everyone can feel at home and comfortable with us, as our first and primary goal is to do what we enjoy - namely flying the virtual unfriendly skies - and have a good, enjoyable time doing it. All members, including the Administration team and other officers are to adhere to the Code of Conduct - there are no exceptions to ensure a fair and equal environment.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Virtual Carrier Air Wing One's Code of Conduct, please contact us for further clarification - we'll get back to you as soon as we can with a response to your inquiry.

1. Respect All Wing Members

All member of Virtual Carrier Air Wing One are to respect one another at all times. Keep in mind, however, that this is a place that most of us come to unwind, have fun, and forget the stress of daily life, and with that comes a certain amount of kidding around with one another - just be aware of the boundary between kidding around and outright disrespectful behavior. Most of us swear occasionally, and there is no policy against it unless it crosses that boundary. Deliberate violations of respectful conduct toward or against specific individuals or groups will not be tolerated and will be met with dismissal from the Wing.

2. No Dual Wing Policy.

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One has, and maintains, a no dual wing policy. Members are expected to dedicate their sim time and loyalty to the Wing and the squadron that they are assigned to, while maintaining the expected standard of competency and training that is integral to how Virtual Carrier Air Wing One operates. Note that this policy only extends to DCS - members are free to fly other sims with other groups as long as it does not interfere with the activity and training standards expected by all Wing members. Prospective recruits to Virtual Carrier Air Wing One will be expected to leave any DCS wing they are currently enlisted with prior to joining. Violations of this rule will result in the expectation that the violator remove themselves from whatever secondary wing they are enrolled with - failure to do so will be grounds for dismissal.

3. No Politics / Religion.

While we realize that all members here have opinions regarding current politics or religion, we ask that members refrain from posting them in the forums and / or in Discord. Such discussions invariably create tense situations which frequently boil over into arguments and create drama that none of us want or need.

4. Advertising / Spam.

Any spam or advertising is not permitted and will be removed from any of Virtual Carrier Air Wing One's sites, including the forum, Discord, or our dedicated servers. Virtual Carrier Air Wing One is a flight combat simulation and milsim group, not a medium for advertising products or services. Violations will be removed immediately, and repeated violations will result in the offender being removed from the Wing.

5. Forum Posting / Trolling / Post Boosting

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One's forum and Discord channels are for use by all members without restriction. However, please keep in mind that this comes with the expectation of responsbile use thereof. With the forums, intentionally posting the same post repeatedly, or post boosting by "bumping" a threat constantly, is not permitted. Likewise, similar activity with our Discord channels is also not permitted. Any questions will be answered as soon as someone can do so, and scheduling posts are clear without the need to advertise them. Violations will simply be removed.

6. Privacy Policy

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One takes everyone's privacy very seriously. We do not share any information with any other websites, companies, or 3rd party vendors. As Virtual Carrier Air Wing One is a hobbyist website, we are not a for-profit institution and do not accept payments for anything, nor do we story any financial or personal information about our members. The only identifying data that Virtual Carrier Air Wing One collects is a member's email address when they initially register to fly with us. However, this email address is never, at any time, ever displayed publicly or in the open and is kept in strict confidence - its sole purpose is to allow the Administrators to send a password reset message in the event that the user forgets their password for our S.H.A.R.P. database. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact the Virtual Carrier Air Wing One Administration staff.

7. Duplicate Accounts

Duplicate accounts are not permitted. Users and pilots of Virtual Carrier Air Wing One are permitted a single account while they are fly with us. Duplicate accounts will be removed. Repeated violations of this policy will result in the offender being removed from the Wing.

8. Copyrighted Material / Real World Military Documentation.

No copyrighted or sensitive material should ever be posted or displayed on any Virtual Carrier Air Wing One site - forum, Discord, or otherwise. This includes any information that is not publicly available about Digital Combat Simulator, Eagle Dynamics, any 3rd party development information that is directly related to ED and DCS, or any other sensitive data about any other company or product. This is even more important where military or intelligence information is concerned - do not post any sensitive data about the U.S. military (or any nations military), military hardware, vehicles, or weapons, or intelligence information. Any violations of this will be immediately removed, and the offender will be asked to leave the Wing as such violations could result in legal issues for the Wing as a whole. If you have any questions about what would be okay to post or not, please contact the Administration team.

9. Third Party Mods

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One makes use of several 3rd party modifications to Digital Combat Simulator to enhance our flights, training, and campaign missions. Please note that some of these are required to fly with us. In addition, understand that such modifications can, and often will, fail integrity checks on non Virtual Carrier Air Wing One servers. Please keep this in mind when you fly with us, particularly if you intend to continue flying on other public servers. In addition, please note that - unless where obviously stated - 3rd party mods are not the property of Virtual Carrier Air Wing one and are used by us without any intent to infringe upon intellectual property. Virtual Carrier Air Wing One specific mods should not be posted on any other website unless permission has previously been obtained by the Administration team.

10. Standard Operating Procedures.

Virtual Carrier Air Wing One expects all members to adhere to and fly according to the Standard Operating Procedures laid out in our Wing SOP documentation and as trained in our training program. These procedures not only mimic real world flight and combat procedures, but are also designed to ensure that all pilots are following the same processes and procedures when in the air, which is particularly important in combat situations. All Wing pilots are expected to maintain their knowledge and practice of these procedures and practice them regularly to maintain proficiency. Pilots who continuously fall behind or require repeated training to keep proficiency - thereby showing a marked lack of motivation - will eventually be asked to leave the Wing, as such conduct creates issues for the Wing as a whole when individual pilots do not, as the saying goes, hold their own weight. This includes maintaining a healthy activity, and adhering to our activity requirement of flying at least one scheduled flight per week on either Wednesdays or Saturdays.

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