To put it simply, Virtual Carrier Air Wing One flies simulated combat flights against aggressors in the Persian Gulf and Caucasus maps in Eagle Dynamic's Digitical Combat Simulator platform. We also regularly conduct training flights over the Caucasus, Persian Gulf, and Nevada maps which are designed to keep our skills sharp as well as learn new skills when new features of the F/A-18C are released for use. Most of this training falls under either air-to-ground munition delivery, anti-air defense weapon delivery (typically SEAD using HARMs or other stand off weapons), and anti-air defense. We also train air-to-air BFM tactics, with our aggressor pilots flying the DCS F-16C and / or the F-5E (and occasionally the MiG-29S).

While we as a group tend to joke around and be roudy - as explained on the Who We Are page - by contrast we take what we do when actually flying very seriously. We strive to achieve a high level of capability and professionalism when we fly as a group, and maintaining proper formation, refueling procedures, and briefed ingress / egress procedures into and out of the given target zone(s) are very important in maintaining that level of proficiency. Proper spacing and flight procedures in and around "the boat" are essential to what we do, and every pilot is trained - and maintains a constant level of proficiency - with carrier procedures for CASE I, CASE II, and CASE III departures and approaches.

Once a flight is complete - regardless of whether it is a training, "pick up," or campaign flight - we conduct a detailed de-briefing. During this de-brief we run down what happened during the flight and the overall results considering the flight's main objective - particularly if the flight was part of an ongoing campaign. However, the de-briefing is also used as a means for invdividual pilots to run down their perspective of the flight and how well it went as well, with each pilot given the opportunity to provide input and feedback on the mission, the objectives, their own performance, and the group's performance as a whole. This is a positive experience that is designed to bring to the forefront potential training needs as well as acknowledgements of one's own successes and areas that need improvement.

When not flying a mission, on our free time we're generally improving / updaing our aircraft skins, designing new and additional training, single-use, or campaign missions, or answering questions and training new recruits. The down time is also used heavily to discuss current issues with aircraft weapons and systems, further our knowledge and training of said systems, and generally discuss the current and future developments of our chosen simulation platform and Virtual Carrier Air Wing One.

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